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Please complete the form below to save time on arrival at the hotel. At check-in you will only need to present a legal and up-to-date identification document per guest and collect the room keys.

    Please upload a copy of your ID or Passport in jpeg, Png or Pdf format no larger than 5 Mb


    Check-in time 15:00. Check-out time 10:00. Early check-in and late check-out are subject to availability. Extended check-out and/ or early check-in will result in additional charges. You are personally liable for all charges incurred during your stay and if you do not check out at the front desk prior to departure, the hotel is authorised to process all charges incurred during your stay to the credit card presented on check-in.

    Zebula Country Club will collect and use Personal Data as described in our Privacy Statement (available at the front desk and online) to provide you goods and services, to comply with legal and contractual requirements and, if necessary, to assert or defend a legal right or claim. You are required to provide us with this Personal Data so that we can provide you with the goods and services requested by you. Zebula Country Club Pty Ltd will also collect and use Personal Preferences (a subset of Personal Data) to enhance you current and future stay. “Personal Preferences” include your interests, activities, food and beverage choices, and service and amenity requests. You may withhold consent to our collection and use of your personal Preferences, but without it, we may not be able to provide you with personalised experiences. You many request accesses to, correction or deletion of your Personal Data, or object to the processing of it, by emailing You may also make a complaint with a data protection authority at any time.