Moola Rules


Terms and Conditions of Use


    1. Ensure a positive and enjoyable experience by having both the Card Holder and the card present at the time of purchase. The card is exclusively for the member’s use, adding a personalized touch to every transaction.
    2. Embrace the perks of your chosen program/membership tier! Your cardholder benefits align seamlessly with your selected tier, and rewards are automatically assigned during payment processing. It’s a hassle-free way to enjoy the benefits you deserve.
    3. Unlock the value of your Membership card by registering and activating it at Zebula Golf Estate and Spa™ website Your card becomes a key to a world of exclusive advantages.
    4. Safeguard your Zebula Moola Card just like you would your cash. While Zebula Country Club Pty Ltd, its directors, employees, and shareholders trust your responsibility, we recommend treating your card with care to prevent any unauthorized transactions once registered and activated by you.
    5. In case of a lost card, report it immediately. Please note that a replacement fee will be charged for all lost or damaged cards, ensuring the security of your benefits. Only cards that are blocked will be secured.
    6. Enjoy the facilities at Zebula Golf Estate and Spa™. by abiding by the club and Body Corporate rules. Your positive behaviour contributes to the welcoming atmosphere for everyone.
    7. Acknowledge the commercial prowess of Zebula Country Club Pty Ltd. Your membership recognizes the club’s autonomy in positioning, pricing, and promoting its commercial enterprise to provide exclusive and preferred nonexclusive rights for its gain.
    8. Recognize the aesthetic independence of Zebula Country Club, respecting its assets and exclusive use areas within the guidelines of the Body Corporate Rules. This ensures a harmonious experience for all homeowners and members.
    9. As a member of the Body Corporate, voice concerns, comments, and complaints in a respectful, private, and timely manner. Your constructive feedback contributes to the ongoing positive relationship between Zebula Country Club and the members of the body corporate.
    10. Effective communication is key. Share concerns, comments, and complaints promptly and respectfully to enable Zebula Country Club Pty Ltd to address them suitably. We welcome your constructive feedback at
    11. Expect a four-star experience! Zebula Country Club is committed to offering a consistently high-quality experience, as graded by the Tourism Grading Council of South Africa, with an annual commitment to renewal.
    12. Redeem your Zebula Moola for goods and services in designated areas. Please note that they are not transferable in terms of program, tier, person, nor cash, ensuring fairness and adherence to program guidelines.
    13. Your Zebula Moola is a lasting treasure that remains valid throughout the duration of your existing membership. Rest assured; it will expire only at the end of the membership period. To make the most of your exclusive benefits, remember to redeem your Moola before the renewal period kicks in. This ensures a seamless continuation of the perks you love. Happy redeeming!
    14. To enhance the integrity and smooth functioning of our program, we’ve implemented a few essential control measures, all designed to ensure your experience is secure and enjoyable. These mandatory control fields include the following key elements: Max reward value per transaction and maximum account balance. For our esteemed members participating in the Blue, Bronze, and Silver programs, the maximum reward per transaction is set at a generous R750.00. Meanwhile, for our Gold and Black program members, the excitement reaches new heights with a maximum reward per transaction capped at R2500.00.We’ve also introduced an overarching control to maintain financial prudence and fairness. Regardless of your program tier, the maximum account balance is set at a comfortable R5000.00 at any given time. This ensures that you can accumulate and enjoy your rewards without any constraints. These measures not only safeguard the program’s integrity but also contribute to a positive and transparent experience for each member. Happy redeeming and revelling in your well-deserved rewards
    15. Enjoy ongoing benefits by adhering to the Terms and Conditions of card use. In the event of non-compliance, the cardholder may be barred from continued benefits without entitlement to compensation, refund, or remuneration.

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