Zebula Moola Bronze Card


• Free surprise and delight promotions

• Get 10% off at the Activities Desk

• Get 10% off at Boutique Hotel Reception

• Get 10% off at Clubhouse

• Get 10% off online transactions

• Get 10% off at Pool Bar

• Get 10% off at Syringa Restaurant

• Get 20% off at Sport Centre

• Get 10% off at Zebula Spa

• Get 10% off at Zebula Lodge Reception

Additional Sport Centre benefits:

Free access for yourself and up to four guests at the Sports Centre.


1. Membership is available to anyone 18 years of age or older.

2. You promise NOT to use to conduct any fraudulent or business activity or have more than one Member Account at any time.

3. Detailed membership rules are available here: https://zebulagolfestate.co.za/moolah-rules/

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By sharing the necessary details with us below, we can help you maximize the benefits of your Membership.

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